Do you want to sell clothes online but you don’t know where to start? Before we go into details and highlight a few places where you can do this, we must say that most of these places are open for sellers who want to sell used clothes. So, if you are looking for a way to start a brand new business, then you should look for other options.


Poshmark is a popular platform which includes both a website and an application where users can generate listings to sell different kinds of clothing, accessories, and footwear. All you have to do is to provide a description, a photo or a few photos and a price. Direct deposit and checks are the two payment options you can expect from Poshmark.


The list goes on with Tradesy – a platform designed for designer clothing and designer accessories. As a Tradesy user, you are free to upload photos of the products, make listings and get prepaid shipping kits. You can suggestions for the price of your items from the site itself. Keep in mind that there is a 20% fee for every sale you make via Tradesy.


Now here’s an example of a website focused on fashion resale. Basically, you have to put the clothes that you want to sell in a box and send them to the company’s address. After a short period of time, the company will inform you about the things they want to buy. Even if there’s something that they don’t want to purchase, they can send your stuff to other businesses that may buy them, but only if you want to. So, ThredUP has a unique concept that has proven to be very profitable for many users.

Facebook Marketplace

We will end this list with Facebook Marketplace. You can use this huge online marketplace to list clothes and other items that you want to sell. The good thing is that you can find local buyers right away. Of course, you can also send your items by mail. What’s great is that you can get in touch with the potential buyers and arrange the sale in a way that meets the requirements of both parties. There are a few other social media platforms that can help you sell clothes online.

Hopefully, this blog post will support your online business venture.

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